Brazilian professor launches book on blockchain technology and public fundraising

Cryptomote market, ICOs and IPOs are some of the topics covered in the book that will be launched through a live on Youtube.

Brazilian professor launches book on blockchain technology and public fundraisingNOTÍCIAS
University professor of law, Wallace Fabrício Paiva Souza, will launch next Wednesday (13) a book on blockchain technology and fundraising related to the cryptomorphic market.

Called „Blockchain And Public Fundraising: A Comparison Between Ipo And Ico In Light Of CVM Rules,“ Wallace Fabrício’s launch is the result of a doctoral thesis he recently defended at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC – MG).

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With free download, the work of the university professor will be distributed through a live Bitcoin Revival on Youtube, on the channel „Mais Direito“. With a duration of approximately one hour, those interested in winning the book must register with Sympla.

Book about blockchain technology
Blockchain technology will be addressed in the book „Blockchain And Public Fundraising: A Comparison Between Ipo And Ico In The Light Of CVM Rules“, which deals with the financing of projects in the cryptomaniac market.

In addition, the book presents a legal understanding of how cryptomaps are classified through the legislation in force in Brazil.

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Thus, according to the description of the book’s launch event, in addition to citing blockchain technology, the book’s title mentions the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

„The book deals with extremely relevant topics, such as: The Securities Market in Brazilian Law; the Public Offering in the Securities Market; the Blockchain Technology; the Criptoactives; the ICO and its differentiation from the IPO“.

Live launch on Youtube
The book „Blockchain E A Captação Pública de Recursos: Um Comparativo Entre Ipo E Ico À Luz Das Normas Da CVM“ will be launched by the channel „Mais Direito“ next Wednesday (13) at 7pm.

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Through live, participants will receive a link to download the work of the university professor for free. In addition to this book on blockchain technology, Wallace Fabrício has other published titles and collaborations, as in:

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